Asthma is a chronic allergic lung disease, manifested by attacks of wheezing or breathlessness, from time to time, dry cough, in response to an allergen, or colds in the long term illness, physical overload of sensory stress.

Bronchial asthma affects people of all ages. Worldwide, there are more than 250 million patients.

Among the large arsenal of ways to deal with asthma, medicine prefers hormone treatment. However, studies show that including long-term use of inhaled non-hormonal substances can cause serious side effects amongst adults and children.

The whole intrigue of the disease is the fact patient is able to notice any signs of it many years after the disease has began to develop, when the abnormal configuration has already been formed and transformed into a chronic process.

The reasons for the origin of asthma are very different – a family history, smoking, frequent colds and illnesses, hazardous working conditions and environmental aspects, tightened psychotrauma and so on.

All of the above mentioned aggressors have negative impact on the protective power of a human body – immunity. Long action of these circumstances leads to chronic inflammation, in consequence of which the lumen of the bronchi gradually narrows, and the lung tissue loses its flexibility. The narrowing (obstruction), bronchial inflammation, and congestion in their viscous sputum are the main symptom of asthma.

Very often, rhinosinusitis precedes development of asthma, as well as respiratory allergosis.

Treatment of asthma is strictly individual, because the causes for it may be different and. Besides, along with the disease, some other abnormalities tend to occur in the body.

In any case, when the first signs of asthma appear, one should immediately consult a doctor, and even after having been diagnosed, apply some methods of treatment.

The disease may worsen in certain seasons: some – in spring and fall, others – in autumn and winter, the third – in spring, autumn and winter, and the fourth – are observed all year round. The emergence of asthma may be caused by allergic diseases, inflammatory processes in the organs of respiration, fungal lesions of skin and mucous membranes, and allergic rhinitis. The majority of patients with asthma have previously suffered viral infection diseases, which led to a change in bronchial reactivity. In some cases, an allergic predisposition to asthma provoked the emergence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

To treat asthma one needs to constantly use different methods and techniques, both traditional and non-traditional. To achieve the desired result, you must develop patience and steadiness by regularly taking the necessary preparations and applying the necessary treatment. Among the methods of alternative medicine Apitherapy (treatment with bee products), phytotherapy (treatment with herbs and fees), manual therapy, and acupressure, hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches) can be distinguished.

The Asthma in the Elderly: Drug Treatment – Supplement

Do you know why mortality rates for elderly asthma patients have been rising more rapidly than for younger patients? No one really knows, but there are several possibilities. When elderly people developed asthma, it used to be diagnosed as emphysema or bronchitis, but now we know that asthma can occur at any age.

Environmentally induced asthma

These days, asthma and its causes are fairly well understood. Inflamed lungs, reversible airway obstruction, and hyperresponsiveness of airways are all typical symptoms of asthma. These can be triggered by a growing list of risk factors, especially from air pollutants and airborne allergens.

The Asthma in the Elderly: Drug Treatment

Improved knowledge of how asthma operates as an inflammatory disease has led to a major change in the way medications are used to relieve bronchospasm and remove mucous. Doctors are moving away from an emphasis on relatively short-acting agents to using long-term strategies with inhaled corticosteroids to prevent and eradicate airway inflammation. Elderly asthmatic patients are prone to the same factors that worsen asthma in younger sufferers: viral respiratory infections, paint and household cleaning product fumes, cold air, exposure to smoke, etc.

Intravenous Immune Globulin and Allergic Diseases: Supplement

Are oral corticosteroids not effective enough in treating asthma? The problem is not the effectiveness of corticosteroids.