Diagnosis and Therapy

Drugs of abuse

A 50-year-old salesman was admitted to the hospital with acute appendicitis. He underwent an uncomplicated appendectomy.

Case: Muscarinic cholinomimetic agents

A 61-year-old man is noted to have increased intraocular pressure on a routine eye examination. The visual acuity is normal in both eyes.

Case: Muscarinic cholinomimetic agents. Questions – Answers

She inadvertently applies excessive pilocarpine to her eyes. This may result in which of the following?

Treatment of Young Children with Mental Conditions

There has been recent public concern over reports that increasing numbers of very young children are being prescribed psychotropic medications. Some parents are criticized for giving their children these medications while others are criticized for not doing so. New studies are needed to tell us what the best treatments are for children with emotional and behavioral disturbances.

Psychotherapy Alone May Help Some Depression Patients

A recent study concludes that cognitive psychotherapy can be just as effective for the treatment of atypical major depression as standard drug therapy with phenelzine sulfate. Researchers at the University of Texas-Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas randomized 108 patients suffering from atypical major depression to treat with the MAO inhibitor phenelzine sulfate, cognitive therapy, or placebo for 10 weeks to collect data.