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Drugs: To Use or Not to Use. Must All Drugs Be Used?

Last updated on: September 9, 2021

Drugs: To Use or Not to Use. Must All Drugs Be Used?Now finally, let us grant that all the claims made for a new drug are true, that with it we can do this or that, as alleged. There still remains the question: do we want to do all these things? Shall we tranquilize the patient merely because the means are at hand, or alert and stimulate him, willy-nilly, when he is deluded or obsessed? Do we really want to lose control of all our mild elderly diabetics through a fistful of pills? Are we to go on creating more resistant infections through giving each new antibiotic a whirl?

Shall we blindly accept the asseveration that two drugs with opposing types of action invariably give a nice blended effect when used together in fixed proportions ? Do we need to risk orthostatic hypotension, ileus, visual disturbances, palpitation, paresthesias, etc., merely to obtain blood pressure reduction in a mildly hypertensive patient? How frequently is intravenous iron administration advisable? Do we want often to replace thyroid substance with a quicker-acting compound whose omission may cause distressing withdrawal symptoms? And so on and on.

Do we really need all the time all the things that all the new drugs will give us? With full realization of the probable absurdity of the comparison, I am nevertheless going to liken political man’s possession of his new military weaponry with medical man’s acquisition of his new pharmaceutical arsenal. The time is not yet here when the decision will have to be made whether to drop the hydrogen bomb or not to drop it, but all the world is quivering with fear that such a moment is imminent, and men of good will everywhere are agitating for restriction of the use of this dreadful new power to those activities only of mankind wherein his best survival interests can be selectively aided.

To use or not to use the new drugs for all they can do, that too is a question, our peculiar and particular medical question, and ours the solemn responsibility to answer it. For progress in this field will not be halted, and we are only now crossing the threshold into the vast drug sales room of the near future, whose walls and floors and counters and chests and racks and shelves will be loaded with bottles crying out “Use me! Or me! Or me! Or all of us together!” Shall we do it, always in all cases, all of it? Money in immense amounts is invested in the effort to tell us that this is our duty; the symptom is there, the drug is or soon will be available; the two must meet head-on invariably.

“Treat your patient with these new drugs, Doctor, treat him, each one of him, or else a new kind of physician will be created who will do it.” In such exaggeration there is truth. Investigations now under way, may bestow power through drugs over metabolic processes as will make nuclear fission seem puny in potentiality for control of the world.

Drugs: To Use or Not to Use. Must All Drugs Be Used?We doctors, while we can, must make the decision whether to give up and merely hand out the pills, or not. No individual can dictate that decision, but remember: all drugs, even the very best, are psychologically or physically potentially toxic agents — and none should be used unless unavoidable.

Publish date: 1959

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