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Introduction to Psychosexual Medicine

Last updated on: September 19, 2021

Introduction to Psychosexual Medicine.
For doctors, nurses, students, and other health professionals

R L Skrine (ed)

Montana Press, Carlisle

1989, 211 pages

Introduction to Psychosexual Medicine.If a woman patient innocently remarked, ‘I would not have your job for anything’, just as her doctor was about to perform a vaginal examination, then she may be in need of psychosexual counselling. If you accept this concept then Introduction to psychosexual medicine will be of service as it is predominently Freudian in content. It discusses how a general practitioner can be aware of patients’ hidden sexual problems during routine consultations. It certainly cannot be regarded as a good reference book for non-Freudians.

The field of psychosexual counselling is highly specialized, and any attempt to teach it to a wider audience should be met with caution. As such, it is doubtful whether this book will be of value to all doctors, nurses, students, and other health professionals as is suggested by its subtitle. It should be placed beside volumes that express alternative points of view in psychosexual medicine.

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