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Last updated on October 6, 2021

Drug Approvals

(British Approved Name, rINN)

International Nonproprietary Names (INNs) in main languages (French, Latin, and Spanish): Dehydrostilbestrol; Dienestrol; Dienestroli; Dienestrolis; Dienestrolum; Dienoestrol; Dienoestrolum; Dienosztrol; Oestrodienolum.

(E,E)-4,4′-[Di(ethylidene)ethylene]diphenol 4,4′-(1,2-Diethylidene-1,2-ethanediyl)bisphenol.

Cl8Hl802 = 266.3.

CAS 84-17-3 (dienestrol); 13029-44-2 ((E,E)-dienestrol).


Pharmacopoeias. In Europe and US.

European Pharmacopoeia, 6th ed. (Dienestrol). A white or almost white, crystalline powder. Practically insoluble in water freely soluble in alcohol and in acetone dissolves in dilute solutions of alkali hydroxides. Protect from light.

The United States Pharmacopeia 31, 2008 (Dienestrol). Colourless, white, or practically white needle-like crystals, or white or practically white crystalline powder. It is odourless. Practically insoluble in water soluble in alcohol, in acetone, in ether, in methyl alcohol, in propylene gly-col, and in solutions of alkali hydroxides slightly soluble in chloroform and in fatty oils.


DienestrolDienestrol is a synthetic nonsteroidal oestrogen structurally related to diethylstilbestrol. It has been used as a 0.01% cream in the treatment of menopausal atrophic vaginitis. If used on a long-term basis in women with a uterus a progestogen is required.

Dienestrol diacetate has been used as an ingredient of topical preparations for skin disorders.


Dienestrol is considered to be unsafe in patients with porphyria because it has been shown to be porphyrinogenic in animals or in-vitro systems.


The United States Pharmacopeia 31, 2008: Dienestrol Cream.

Proprietary Preparations

Denmark: Sexadien

USA: Ortho-Dienestrol

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