How to Become an Author

Welcome to our team if you:

  • have at least 5 years of work experience in the field of pharmacology;
  • know how to create interesting and high-quality content;
  • love writing for a large audience and getting feedback;
  • ready to share your personal experience with our readers.

There are at least three reasons to send an article for publication on our blog:

  1. Large audience.
  2. Active promotion. We promote all publications.
  3. Realization of your creativity.

What topics are we interested in?

Blog PocketDrugGuide is about drugs, their purpose, mode of action, and active substances. Our audience is people interested in quickly finding the necessary information about the drug. We love content that is informative, useful, and based on the latest scientific research. 

What materials don’t we need?

Copywriting articles about something in which the author has no experience.

Content Requirements

It doesn’t matter how many characters are in the article. The usefulness and presentation of the material are our priorities. Do not set the goal of gaining a certain number of characters. Write as much as you need to cover the topic thoroughly.

We will tell you about design requirements, writing tips, and rules for communicating with our editors.

Our editors respond to all applications, even if the material does not fit.

Have you checked our requirements, and are ready to start?

Then write to with the note “New author”.