Our Authors

Jennifer Bowles

Jennifer is a clinical pharmacologist. She helps doctors of all medical specialties choose medications. Jennifer consults about drug dosage, interactions, and side effects. In addition, she consults patients with symptoms of intoxication, addiction, or lack of therapeutic response to treatment. As a pharmacologist, she researches new drugs and evaluates their therapeutic effect. With many years of experience, Jennifer knows everything about the active ingredients of medications and is ready to share her knowledge with us.


Matthew Pitts

Matthew is a pharmacologist and physician specializing in creating, studying, testing, and selecting drugs. In addition, he is engaged in research, scientific work, and clinical practice. He will be happy to tell you everything he knows about drugs.





Lynette Ellis

Lynette is a pharmacist, and a specialist with higher pharmaceutical education. She works in the production, storage, and sale of medicines. She knows how to choose the right medicine, side effects, interaction of drugs, and contraindications to them. She writes articles for our blog so that as many people as possible can choose the correct medicine for themselves.



Reynard Sparks

Reynard has been conducting pharmacological control and research in producing medicines, vitamins, and other medical preparations for many years. He studies the effect of medicinal substances on the body. Conducts tests of medicinal substances and conducts analyzes of finished products. Systematically studies domestic and foreign scientific and medical achievements and research in pharmacology. So he is always ready to share up-to-date information about different medicines.