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Alendronate 35mg, 70mg

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General Information

Fosamax (Alendronate) is a medicine of the bisphosphonate pharmacological class. It is frequently used to treat disorders affecting the bones, such as osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is characterized by bone thinning, which increases the risk of fractures.

Fosamax prevents osteoclasts—cells that tear down bone tissue—from doing their job. Alendronate helps maintain or improve bone density by slowing down bone resorption, lowering the risk of fractures.

It is usually taken orally, and you must adhere to your doctor’s instructions and the recommended dosage. It is important to share any concerns or questions you may have with your doctor because, like any drug, there is a chance of side effects.

Fosamax Ingredients

Alendronate sodium is the primary component. This medication, a bisphosphonate, is used to treat osteoporosis, among other bone disorders. Alendronate prevents osteoclast activity, which is the action of the cells that degrade bone tissue. Alendronate helps people with illnesses that cause bone loss by slowing down the resorption of bone, which increases bone density and lowers the risk of fractures.

Usually, alendronate sodium is used in place of Alendronate. Oral administration is recommended for the sodium salt version.

How the Medicine Looks like

Tablets for Oral Use

Tablets: white round uncoated (5 mg), white oval wax polished (10 mg), white oval uncoated (35 mg), white triangular uncoated (40 mg), and white oval uncoated (70 mg) pills. Different brands may produce pills that look different.

Oral Remedy

Raspberry-flavored, colorless, and clear oral solution (70 mg/bottle).


Fosamax is used to prevent osteoporosis in women who have gone through menopause. Alendronate can also be used to treat osteoporosis in men and women who have it due to medications or natural causes. Fosamax is also used to treat bone-related Paget’s disease. It stops bone deterioration and raises bone density (thickness) to make bones stronger and less prone to breaking.

How to Take 

Dosage Strength Formulation Typical Dosage Schedule
5 mg Tablet Once daily or once weekly
10 mg Tablet Once daily or once weekly
35 mg Tablet Once weekly
70 mg Tablet Once weekly

Depending on the prescribed dosage, tablets should be taken once daily or once every week. They should be taken with a full glass of water (6–8 ounces) first thing in the morning. Wait at least thirty minutes after taking Alendronate before consuming food, liquids, or other medications. This includes vitamins, antacids, and calcium supplements. The best results from the medicine are obtained when the stomach is empty. Swallow the pills whole; do not chew or suck on them. After taking this medication, stay off the bed for at least thirty minutes. After taking the oral solution, sip at least 1/4 of a cup (2 oz or 60ml) of water.


Fosamax should not be taken if you are expecting or nursing a baby. It should also be avoided if you have kidney illness or issues with your stomach or intestines. Inform your physician if you experience any of these issues or if you find it difficult to remain upright for at least thirty minutes at a time.

It is not recommended to take Fosamax along with any other medications. When taking these pills, avoid taking antacids or any other prescription or over-the-counter drugs that contain aluminum, calcium, iron, or magnesium. If you must take other prescriptions, wait at least one to two hours after taking Alendronate before taking them. If you are unsure of how or when to take your drugs, speak with your pharmacist or doctor.

Your doctor could advise you to take calcium and vitamin D supplements in addition to Fosamax. If you do, remember to take these vitamins later in the day than you take Risedronate. Avoid taking calcium and vitamin D if you have high blood calcium levels.

Store in a tightly closed container at room temperature. Keep out of children’s reach.

For further information about this drug, please call your doctor, pharmacist, or nurse.

Side Effects


Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea

Stomach pain

Chest pain, heartburn

Esophageal irritation (difficulty or pain upon swallowing)

Take tablet with a full glass of water

Do not lie down for 30 minutes after taking the tablet

Tell your doctor or nurse if these symptoms bother you

Tell your doctor or nurse if these become a problem


Mouth irritation

Muscle pain, Joint pain

Rash, itching or eye pain

Swallow tablet whole. Do not chew or split the tablet.

Tell your doctor or nurse if this bothers you.

One or two regular strength acetaminophen tablets (Tylenol®) may help.

Tell your doctor or nurse as soon as possible


Certain circumstances or contraindications exist for alendronate use; therefore, it might not be appropriate for everyone. 

Hypersensitivity: Fosamax or any of its constituents should not be used by anyone with a known hypersensitivity or allergy.

Abnormalities of the esophagus: Fosamax may cause irritation to the esophagus. As a result, people with esophageal emptying disorders such as strictures or achalasia should use the medicine with caution.

Inability to stand or sit upright: Alendronate should not be taken by patients who cannot stand or sit upright for at least thirty minutes. Maintaining an upright position both during and after taking the drug is crucial to lowering the risk of esophageal irritation.

Reduced renal function: Since the kidneys eliminate Fosamax, people with significant renal impairment may need to change their dosage or not take the drug.

Deficiency in calcium and vitamin D: The medicine’s efficacy depends on a sufficient intake of these nutrients. People with deficiencies can require supplements.

Before beginning treatment or any new medicine, you should always tell your healthcare practitioner about your medical history, including any current problems or medications you are taking. This will make the treatment more suitable and safe for you.

It’s critical to get emergency medical assistance right away if you suspect an overdose or if you suffer symptoms like nausea, indigestion, chest discomfort, or stomach pain, as well as trouble swallowing. Severe side effects, including ulceration and esophageal irritation, might result from using too much Fosamax.

If someone overdoses, they shouldn’t induce vomiting unless a medical practitioner instructs them to do so. Supportive care will be given, along with precautions to safeguard the gastrointestinal system and esophagus.

Adhere to the suggested administration instructions and maintain the authorized Alendronate dosage. Contact your healthcare practitioner right away if you have questions regarding your medication or if you inadvertently take more than the recommended amount.

How to Store

Keep Fosamax at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Keep it away from anything hotter than 25°C (77°F).

Preserve the drug in its original container and shield it from moisture. Keep it out of the bathroom and other moist areas.

This medicine and other drugs should be kept out of the reach of kids and animals. To avoid unintentional consumption, think about utilizing childproof containers.

Verify the medicine’s expiration date on the container. It should not be used after the expiration date.

Whenever your pharmacist or healthcare practitioner gives you particular storage instructions, always heed their advice. Speak with your pharmacist or healthcare provider if you need help storing your medication or if it has been exposed to adverse conditions. Never use medication that is broken, discolored, or smells strange.


For what duration is Fosamax recommended? 

The length of your Fosamax therapy may change based on your unique medical situation and how you react to the drug. Your healthcare professional will decide how long your treatment should last. You must heed their advice and don’t stop taking Fosamax without first talking to them.

Is it safe to consume alcohol when taking Fosamax?

Drinking too much alcohol can make some adverse effects, like stomach irritation, more likely. Speaking with your healthcare physician about alcohol intake is crucial, particularly if you have concerns or a history of alcohol-related problems.

What happens if I forget to take my Fosamax dose? 

Unless it’s almost time for your next planned dose, take the missed Fosamax as soon as you remember. If that’s the case, proceed with your usual dosing regimen and omit the missing dose. Never take two doses to make up for something you forgot to take. See your pharmacist or healthcare professional for advice if you are unclear about what to do.

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